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Company Profile
“TEKNIK” is a Private Limited Manufacturing Company that was established in 1979. Teknik is popularly known as a Turnkey expert in Bulk Material & Equipment Handling systems due to its focus on developing customized solutions in the form of automated conveyor systems for various process industries like Sugar, Paper, Cement, Power, Mining and Automobile industries across the globe. Teknik is renowned for its focus on innovation, quality and timely execution.

At Teknik, our vision is to be the world’s best solutions provider in the field of Bulk Material & Equipment Handling Automated Conveyor Systems.
Our aim is to provide world-class quality through innovative design, robust engineering, and superior workmanship. We also aspire to offer consultancy services with a customer centric approach in order to meet all the
requirements of our clients and ensure
smooth functioning of their plants

Industries Served

Coal Based Power Plants
Sugar Factories
Cogeneration Projects
Port Automation Systems
Paper Mills
Cement Plants
Biomass Plants
Ash Handling Systems
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