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Ash Handling Systems
Teknik provides mechanical ash handling systems that are custom designed based on site layout, plant capacities and client requirements comprising of:
Submerged Belt Conveyor
Submerged Chain Conveyor
Screw Conveyors
Belt Conveyors
Ash Conditioners
Ash Silo

Teknik is also Providing Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Conveying material is collected in hopper and is sensed by the permissive level probe provided in hopper and initiates conveying cycle. The system has dual operability either through level probe or through an auto timer. In timer mode of operation the system goes on continuous cycle after a preset time interval. Moreover the system will have manual override facility. The inlet valve on the top of vessel opens and allows material to gravitate into the vessel. The valve closes after the preset adjustable time delay. Once the valve closing is ensured through a limit switch valve its circumferential inflatable seal inflates and ensures complete leak proof. Now convey air is injected into the vessel after ensuring seal pressure. Thus vessel is pressurised and material resistance leads to pressure build up which conveys material to destination point. When conveying is complete, the pressure drops down to near atmospheric pressure and is sensed by control system. The conveying air supply to the system is then stopped. Now the system is ready to accept next charge of material on command from level probe / auto timer. Normally the destination side is also provided with high level switch which gives an alarm when filled up and prevent any further transfer of material into it. The system is provided with various accessories like bag filters, ash conditioner to make the system environmental friendly.

Industries Served

Coal Based Power Plants
Sugar Factories
Cogeneration Projects
Port Automation Systems
Paper Mills
Cement Plants
Biomass Plants
Ash Handling Systems
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