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Coal Handling Systems for Power Plants

Teknik supplies complete coal handling systems for coal fired boilers. Coal handling requires specialized technology and equipment from unloading to screening, crushing and dust control.

Coal is unloaded by Tipplers/Trucks/Wagons in the coal handling plant. This coal is transported up to the coal storage bunkers through conveyor belts.

Coal unloaded into Hopper is first transported to the Crusher and Screening house by conveyor belts where it is first screened by the Vibrating Screen. Oversized Coal is then crushed using Crusher. The Crushed Coal is either then sent for secondary screening and then Recycled depending on the capacity of the system as well as difference between input and output coal sizes. After screening the Correct Sized coal or from Screen is transported to upto the Boiler Top through belt conveyors. Here the coal is then fed to the bunkers through using Motorized Trippers or Drag Chain Conveyors.

Pollution control equipments like dust extraction systems at Crusher and Screening House, Transfer Towers or Junction Points, bunker sealing arrangements for tripper at boiler top, dust suppression systems at feeding point etc. are also provided as part of the system.

Teknik's coal handling systems are custom engineered solutions, utilizing its advanced technological know how, that provide extended life, low maintenance and operating costs.

Coal Handling Systems Supplied by Teknik in Recent Times Are:

  • SBQ Steels - Gudur, Andhra Pradesh ( 90 MW )
  • Jindal Steels - Salem, Tamil Nadu ( 60 MW )
  • DSM - Bijnor, U.P ( 50 MW )
  • ESCL Ambasamudram, Tamil Nadu ( 50 MW )
  • Super Smelter Ltd. Jamuria, West Bengal ( 35 MW )
  • Jindal Steels - Salem, Tamil Nadu ( 30 MW )
  • Surendra Mines Orissa
  • ITC Hoogly
  • And Many More

Industries Served

Coal Based Power Plants
Sugar Factories
Cogeneration Projects
Port Automation Systems
Paper Mills
Cement Plants
Biomass Plants
Ash Handling Systems
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