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Motorized Trippers

A motorized tripper is used along with any other conveyor for distribution of material along a plane of movement. It prevents build-up of materials and helps in maintaining even bunker level.

Trippers are designed to be able to make large longitudinal stockpiles forbagasse, coal, raw sugar, or to unload in specific points, as boiler bunkers, silos or chutes.

 The motorized tripper truck moves along the belt conveyor that holds it by the rails displaced for that matter.

Unloading chutes or telescopic chutes can be installed on the tripper; with multiple openings depending on the client´s requirements.

Teknik has supplied Motorized trippers of 500 TPH for Coal Handling at OPG, Gummidipondi power plant for bunker feeding at boiler top.

In addition our trippers are also installed at DSM, Bijnor, ESCL, Ambasamudram, Kakira, Uganda, Mayuge, Uganda and many more

Industries Served

Coal Based Power Plants
Sugar Factories
Cogeneration Projects
Port Automation Systems
Paper Mills
Cement Plants
Biomass Plants
Ash Handling Systems
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