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Pulleys, Rollers, Idlers & Hood Covers

Teknik knows the pulley and roller business better than anyone! We've been doing it for more than 30 years. Teknik offers belt conveyor pulleys, and rollers in virtually any diameter, wall thickness, length, shaft size or end type as well as keyless or even with key shafts. They're built from mild steel, aluminum or other special alloys - for long-lasting, heavy-duty use. State-of-the-art rubber grooving, lagging, crowning and machining are done to your specifications. Thanks to our automated production lines, we can meet your requirements better and faster than anybody else.

Teknik's pulleys and rollers have been installed in sugar/cement bag handling systems as well as bulk material handling systems like coal, ash, bagasse, bamboo, chip, raw sugar, etc.

Teknik has been regularly supplying rollers & pulleys to TATA Motors for close to 20 years. For the Ennore Port Automation Project, Teknik has supplied rubber lagged pulleys of 1000mm diameter with 2750mm face (length) having shaft diameter of 280mm at bearing.

For function, aesthetics, quality and delivery. depend on Teknik's conveyor Pulleys & Rollers.

Industries Served

Coal Based Power Plants
Sugar Factories
Cogeneration Projects
Port Automation Systems
Paper Mills
Cement Plants
Biomass Plants
Ash Handling Systems
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